The Community

After many discussions and collaborative work, the ‘Pelion Gastronomic Community’ was created, aiming at the exploitation and development of the gastronomic heritage and the gastronomic wealth of our region. Its aim is to highlight local gastronomy as one of the main components of the region’s tourism identity and to become a lever for the development of the local economy, while contributing to the formation of its cultural identity. In other words, to make the Volos – Pelion region a gastronomic destination, through the cooperation and synergies of local businesses dedicated to the idea.

The idea was conceived by the well-known writer and visionary of the link between production, gastronomy and tourism, Giorgos Pittas (‘Greek Breakfast’, ‘Greek Gastronomy Guide’). The ‘Pelion Gastronomic Community’ aspires to be a place for the exchange of knowledge and information, a place for collective work and actions for the common good, so as to create benefits that will be spread not only to its members, but to the whole local community.

The members

The ‘Gastronomic Community of Pelion’ is open to the participation of new businesses that share its values, objectives and collective way of operation.


The Pelion Gastronomic Community is the love for delicious and simple food, good wine and the stories around the people who create them.