The inspiration

Having as a central idea the development of Greek Gastronomy on a local level, George Pittas (“Elliniko Proino”, “Greek Gastronomy Guide“), a well-known author and lover of the Greek countryside and Authentic Cuisine, inspired and designed the “Gastronomic Communities – Gastronomy Wine Tourism” program, an ambitious action plan for the whole Greek territory.

The main feature of all the Gastronomic Communities is the promotion of the gastronomic wealth of each region by the professionals of each place. Agricultural sector – processing – catering – hospitality, the 4 pillars that cooperate, organize and bring to life the Gastronomic Myths of their region.

The sole aim of these local partnerships is to make each place a unique Gastronomic and Wine Destination.

The central planning of each Gastronomic Community is undertaken by its initiator George Pittas himself, through the acclaimed digital guide Greek Gastronomy Guide, a creation of his own.

The vision that became reality

When, 4 years ago, during the Pelion Gastronomy Festival, in Portaria Pelion, at Karaiskos Farm, George Pittas was invited to speak about Greek Breakfast, no one imagined that he would find the opportunity to talk to some of us about the idea of Gastronomic Communities.

But the seed then fell on the fluffy Pelion soil and the Pelion Gastronomic Community managed to be created through quarantines, prohibitions and obstacles. A small at first but fiery core of measured businesses that believed in the idea of collectivity formed the basis of the Pelion Gastronomic Community.

With the addition of other members who embraced the same ideology, the Pelion Gastronomic Community has now reached 18 members and is open to the participation of new businesses that are governed by the same values, goals and collective way of operating.

The philosophy is the same for all members of the group, defined by the “Manifesto of the Gastronomic Communities“, as drafted by their creator, George Pitta:

Love for delicious and simple food, good wine and the stories around the people who create them.

Respect for the gastronomic wealth of our land. Support for those directly involved in local gastronomy, i.e. the professionals of the region. Organization on the system: Locality, Quality, Collaboration, Self-commitment. Externalisation, Solidarity.

For the Pelion Gastronomic Community, our place, Pelion and Volos, is a big hospitable table, laid with delicious memories and bittersweet conversations and all around all of us and you, strangers, acquaintances, friends and loved ones.